Editorial #2

by Arshad Mahmud

Please accept from our editorial staff warmest Seasons Greetings, Happy New Year and Happy Eidul Azha. It is indeed, reassuring that life is inching towards normalcy and activity conducive to enjoyment and entertainment is on the rise. Several new satellite channels are all set to beam their signals. More work for the Music fraternity is on the cards. The first ever National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) has formally started enrolling students in Karachi. They begin their classes in January 2005.

Presently, Copyright issue is the biggest hurdle music industry is confronted with. Music Industry is inert for quite some time and appears to be going no where. It is my firm belief that qualitatively, music presently being produced in Pakistan, is of a very high standard and warrants much bigger sale. The return to the companies and artists is no where near, of what they may take as an adequate compensation, vis-à-vis their effort and investment. Pakistani Music, as claimed by many in the music business, is by and large, not pirated in Pakistan. It may be true and some kind of unwritten understanding may exist in the industry, however, the fact that foreign repertoire is copiously pirated in Pakistan, squash all opportunities for Pakistani musicians abroad.

The biggest market for Pakistani Music outside Pakistan is India. And the biggest market for Indian Music outside India is Pakistan. This really necessitates some serious thinking amongst the people at the helm of affairs. Some discipline in our out look can open new avenues for our musicians and producers of music.

The musicians, in contrast to singers, are less known. They may be as dextrous in their craft as singers are in their ability. I dare say, in some cases they even outshine. Therefore, we decided to give you free with this issue a CD which contain the work of Guitarists of Pakistan who have in their own right made a name for themselves; I am personally thankful to all of them to have sent us there solo work to be part of this CD. Some have used voice but as an instrument like a musical bridge. I am sure you will, like me, enjoy listening to this CD.

Arshad Mahmud