Musiactors, Fraud or What?

A well-known singer started singing, his face expressions and body language suggested a Sufi like state of mind; and damn; the CD playback started skipping.

To make things even more interesting, the famous singer tried to skip in sync with the random skipping of the CD.

You had to be there, it was hilarious.

The chase finally came to an end; the CD won the skipping competition.

CDs just skip better than man does.

And, to top it all, the show went on with the same setup for 30 more minutes of fraud onstage. And no one had a problem with it.

Everyone applauded, and left the place, smiling.

“Meray ‘shock’ the nain aitbar tenu”.

You guys surprise and shock me consistently, and I thank you for the laughter fits.

Are you really this stupid? I mean, if you’re going to use playback, can’t you just bring a laptop and playback from there? It doesn’t skip when you play a wave file. And CDs are made from wave files. Just hook up a comp direct. It’s simple.

What do you think of this idea for your next live performance?

If you’ve chosen to fraud you fans, you could do better than a CD. CDs can skip. Daaa.

‘The Frauds’ would be a good band name, what do you think?

At least it’ll be true.

How about ‘The Musiactors’? A group of bad actors acting like musicians to save money for a newer model of the ‘in’ car.

Are you really so money-wise and ethics-foolish?

Did the Devil give you a receipt? In case you want your soul back some day?

Were your ears deaf to “chad buray di yari?” when someone uttered those wise words? Hmm deaf people acting onstage as musicians, now that’s super weird …. just kidding. Back now – okay, you guys who usually play live; you keep complaining about TV channels not letting you play live. Well why do you agree and become partners in this fraud?

Your fans are there to hear you live, and you’re playing back a CD they already have at home? I don’t get this. Don’t you like sharing live music with your fans? Like a conversation, a true meeting, with true communication going on. Do you actually prefer to play back an older moment of music, in a brand new moment of live music? You give a speech that isn’t only pre-written, but is also pre-RECORDED? And communicate?

How do you do that, damn, you’re good at what you do! I respect you for being good at what you do, but now that I’ve suggested a laptop that will not skip, instead of the CDs you use, I could be overestimating your intelligence.

It’s an ‘Art crime’.

‘Art crimes’ are the most expensive crimes for any country.

The most being in Italy, and we know Italy is the best designer label, the fastest car, a civilization that goes back to the Romans, as well as the Mafia. And the art crime people deal with the Mafia.

Who else can they deal with in secrecy?

Are you some mafia guys? What’s going on? Musicians committing ‘art crimes’ – very shocking.

“Mere Shock da naeen aitbar tenu,
Aglay article da kar intizar aa ja”

Jokes aside, playing back a CD, and calling it a live performance, is an ethical crime. It’s a practice that must be stopped, or there can’t be any fair ‘Live Music’ scene in Pakistan.