The music has intrinsic beauty and magnetism. It lures, cajoles and titillates human emotions. Music makers of ancient times, with their chants, could decrypt drought; and with their songs they could make the desert bloom. Not only they themselves believed that they had these powers but their community believed it too.

So this is who we are; the inheritors of this magic. We will endeavor to showcase and create musical content, which brings the music community together; build bridges between the artiste and fans.


MoUSICi store offer quality music for the discerning listeners. We boast a wide variety of music from classical to pop and folk to children. The platform includes artiste’s dashboards, which keep the partner artistes, informed of inventories, sales and finances. MoUSICi Store also offers studio quality wav downloads for our quality conscious clients besides mp3 downloads and streaming



MoUSICi Production Services connects you to the top musicians, composers, lyricists, singers and sound engineers through the power of a digital platform. This service provides 360° music solutions to aspiring artistes, established artistes and business houses. MoUSICi also provides collaborating and monitoring services. The idea is to bring all the outstanding musicians at your doorstep. There is a dedicated team to respond to any query, which you may have from time to time



Sparkle in an artistic endeavor requires unequivocal support. A nominal subscription from the club of fans can fuel the fire in your favorite artiste to create new music. MoUSICi provides the mechanism. It may seem a little farfetched but only MoUSICi take this responsibility to ensure production of new music on a regular basis


Pakistan encompasses a musically fertile area. This land has produced several internationally acclaimed performers. The people of this area love music; strangely, there were no magazines exclusively dedicated to music. MoUSICi will host a music magazine giving you archival, informative and latest news in this field



There is an exclusive platform for new talent. They submit samples of their work, which will be showcased on our talent pool page for the producers and other professionals to see and choose from. Similarly producers and professionals can also place their requirements on this platform


MoUSICi strongly feel that a good creative idea must be funded. We support all such ideas and put them on the rack for sponsorship. On the other hand sponsors or philanthropists can communicate their ideas to us, which MoUSICi can execute on their behalf by the artists of their choice


There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan; aspiring youth may just need guidance and mentoring to move forward with their ideas. MoUSICi guarantee services of some of the best practitioners in the field of music to help you with your songs and ideas through workshops and one to one sessions


We are helping create a strong community of music lovers by providing a forum of discussion & information exchange. Members will be able to post music demos and review music, share details of new concerts or events, buy/sell musical gear, exchange services, chit chat and much more!