The music has intrinsic beauty and magnetism.

It lures, cajoles and titillates human emotions. Music makers of ancient times, with their chants, could decrypt drought; and with their songs they could make the desert bloom. Not only they themselves believed that they had these powers but their community believed it too.

So this is who we are; the inheritors of this magic.

We will endeavor to showcase and create musical content, which brings the music community together; build bridges between the artiste and fans.

The manner in which Music is produced today is drastically different from how it was produced 50 years ago. The composers, lyricist, singers and musicians spent considerable time with each other before a musical score was finalized. Recording engineers had several discussions with the creators of the musical piece and innumerable takes before he heard the word sweet “okay” from the producer.

Similarly the way music was distributed in the past has also entirely changed. Closure of Tower Records in 2006 was a monumental setback for the music practitioners and lovers. What people missed was the brief chat on music with the attendants of Tower Records before buying a CD of Music. Elton John, who was a regular visitor refused to call them employees, “they were music devotees”, he said.

Music is a collaborative art form and it thrives on human interaction

Though technological advancement in production of music may have reduced human interaction but it brings immense variety and options to the doorstep of creative musicians. The creative minds waste several hours to come to grips with technology, which is changing everyday.

Our objective at MoUSICi is to reduce the technological burden on creative artiste and provide an ambiance that enhance creativity. MoUSICi bring in the missing element, which is to ensure human interaction by constructing exclusive and non exclusive chat rooms for music fans and practitioners.

MoUSICi connects Artists, Music Lovers and other Technical Service providers through a collaborative infrastructure. It invests time and money to the creative music community and produce quality music.

Core Team

Arshad Mahmud
Founder & Principal Composer

Arshad Mahmud was born in a family with agricultural background, where the only music known to his ears were the sounds of nature. He found his way to Government College Lahore for his Masters to encounter Shoaib Hashmi, as his professor, where he later got introduced to legendary poet and Hashmi’s father-in-law Faiz Ahmad Faiz.


Talha Ghafoor
Co-Founder & Platform Architect

He grew up listening to Pakistani pop music with great passion and was die-hard fan of Junoon and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The music passion led to keyboard playing from early age and performances in school/college events. Talha later enrolled at Islamabad Arts Council where he started learning music from his teacher Nasar Malik, who later became his best buddy.


Hasan Mahmud
Creative Director & CFO

Being the son of the leading composer of Pakistan Arshad Mahmud, he picked up music at an early stage. Hasan started with playing the keyboard at the age of 9, with the help of his father he learned the basics of Music theory.