Fan Clubs

Exclusive Fan Clubs will enable the music lovers connect to their favorite artists and contribute effectively in creation of new music. Consider this to be a two-way contract between the artist and his fans, where fans will contribute a fixed amount every month, and in return, the artist will commit to produce newer music along with sharing exclusive insights of his creative activities and direct interaction with his fans.

This Exclusive Membership will be kind of a two way pledge between the artist and his fans, where the members will contribute a small monthly subscription to their favorite artists. In return, the artist will make a firm commitment to his/her fans, like:

  • Commitment of producing fresh work at committed frequency, for instance one new track every 2 months.
  • Small videos of on-going creative and production activities
  • Demos of upcoming tracks and proejcts
  • Their commitment for online interactive session with these exclusive members at specific intervals
  • Any other exclusive content or service for their members as they feel like

More details coming soon …

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